Declutter .

The word itself. It invokes thoughts of strength. New beginnings. A fresh start. An “I’m ready to go-get-‘em” attitude. 

But then we clog it up again. We pile it back on. And worst of all we only ever declutter what we can touch, feel and see.

Decluttering isn’t just about the tangibles. What about the intangibles? The things we can’t see or touch. But we sure do FEEL them. The most powerful things that bury us, drag us down and take up space like a 500 lb lion in your mind day after day... after day... after day. The intangibles that need decluttered from our minds. The self-doubt. The hatred. The bitterness. The jealousy. And more. The things we can FEEL immensely, but can’t see, and still NEVER consider decluttering when we say we’re going to declutter. 

Think about your intangibles. What are YOU going to get rid of? Instead of clearing out that closet of clothes this month, clear out that mind. Declutter it. And MAKE ROOM babe for new INTENTIONAL intangibles that will help you grow, achieve, and BE MORE PRESENT. Those won’t count as clutter.