Child support

Child support is not your right. It’s the right of your child(ren). Depending on whether you are the one paying or receiving the child support, you may think that you are either paying too much or receiving too little. Child support is about standards of living and the purpose behind the support is to enable your child to have similar standards of living at each parent’s home. Maryland child support calculations can be complex depending on your situation.

Child support doesn’t always remain static. Things change. Expenses change. Incomes change. If you have experienced a change, you should contact dlaw to determine whether you are able to modify your child support obligation.

Maybe you are not receiving your support. Maybe you are paying too much. Maybe no one has ever calculated the correct child support amount. Whichever issue it may be, contact dlaw to learn your options.


Did you know that the Maryland Department of Human Resources allows you to calculate child support estimates? Click here to run child support guidelines in Maryland. ***Important Note: The calculator is for informational purposes only and the calculator may not be accurate. The calculator is intended to provide an estimate. You should still consult with an attorney if you have any questions regarding child support, your rights, and/or obligations.****