YOU made it to the starting line

The starting line? But it feels like the end. Isn’t this the end of my marriage? It may feel like the end. You’ve had enough. It’s over. You’re finished.

Actually, you’re just getting started. It’s the start of your race. You’ve just now made it to the starting line. Trust us when we tell you it’s not a sprint. No, divorce is a difficult, long distance run and you’re going to have to maintain your stamina, your speed, and control your breathing to make it to that finish line. Let d|law be your coach.

We will be right by your side, training you, guiding you and coaching you. Let us coach you to the finish line and when you cross that line, adrenaline soaring, you will know you are finally finished. Your fresh start awaits you. The starting line awaits you.

what we handle

  • Domestic violence representation

  • Child custody and child support

  • Child custody agreements

  • Marital settlement and property settlement agreements

  • Identification, valuation, and disposition of marital property

  • Spousal support/alimony

  • Retirement and pension accounts

  • Uncontested divorces