You need an exit strategy. A way out. Something to put it to rest. An agreement that resolves everything regarding the dissolution of your marriage.

You may already have a verbal agreement with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse that resolves all issues regarding your separation (or so you think!) and now you just do not know what’s next. Having a written settlement agreement is critical. In the majority of cases, it is imperative to have this drafted by an attorney, or to have an attorney review what you have already drafted. There are nuances. Specific language. Most likely there are things that you just have not considered adding to the agreement. The particulars you just have not thought of because this whole process is so emotional.

d|law can work with you to draft comprehensive and detailed settlement agreements. You want to stay out of court. We want you to also. A settlement agreement is the critical element to doing so. We want you to stay out of court now and in the future, and a well-written, comprehensive settlement agreement can accomplish that. Your separation agreement will resolve the “here and now” issues, but we will make sure it also includes a resolution and a plan for future disputes. Because let’s face it…those do happen.

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